Wappen von Hamburg


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A model of this well-known ship was long overdue. The elegant hull certainly poses a challenge for a designer. A challenge that Carsten Horn mastered perfectly. This model is a real jewel which is not too difficult to build but still has a very nice and consistent level of details.

Wappen von Hamburg certainly is another highlight in the HMV range. The ship is well known to many as she serviced the route to Helgoland for decades. But not only because of that this ship is quite interesting. The very elegant hull design almost seems to be simple and perfect. Perfect it might be but far from simple and thus very difficult to transform into a model. And as it would be very unusual for an HMV model to be simplified in this regard our designer Carsten Horn managed to create a perfect replica of this complex hull which is at the same time very precise and relatively easy to build.

In order to get a perfect hull with this model it is essential to stick to the instructions and to take sufficient time to form the hull sides until they fit easily to the framework. Once this part is done the fun really starts and building the various details of this beautiful ship is pure pleasure.

The model highlights:

hull design true to the original
hull plating without cutting lines
fine detailed life boats
benches on upper decks
detailed anchor winch
separate hand rails for railings
filigrane details for the mast

Product type Papermodel
Manufacturer HMV – Hamburger Modellbaubogen Verlag
Scale 1/250
Designer Carsten Horn
Difficulty medium
Sheet size DIN A4
Sheets 12
Parts 1311
Length 440 mm (17.32 inch)
Width 63 mm (2.48 inch)
Height 132 mm (5.2 inch)
Bauanleitung German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Pictures